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1) A member from out PR team speaks to leaders and members of a union to discuss our benefit program

2) A follow-up letter is mailed to the members with their union logo and presidents signature (as shown below) with a response card attached

3) The union member fills out the card to have their no-cost benefits delivered including a $4,000 AD & D policy

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1) During a presentation, the member you are sitting with is given the opportunity to sponsor any of the no-cost benefits ($2,000 AD&D Certificate, Child Safe Kit, or AILPlus Discount App) to any of their friends or family and their contact info is collected

2) The agent who collected the referral will then contact them to set up a meeting to deliver the no-cost benefits they have been sponsored for

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Discount Card

1) A year after a presentation that did not result in an enrollment for whatever reason occurs, a card is generated notifying that the AILPlus no-cost activation period has ended

2) The card with the clients contact information is then assigned to an agent who will set up a meeting with them to re-activate the AILPlus app at no cost for another year



1) a year after a presentation is done and an enrollment is made, a card is created notifying that the members no-cost benefits are up for renewal and their policy is up for review

2) The card is assigned to an agent who will then set up a meeting to renew their no-cost benfits and review their policy

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Child Safe Kit

1) A parent, grandparent, or guardian clicks a link on a website where you can request a Child Safe Kit

2) The link brings you to the website shown below where you enter your contact information and number of kits requested

3) An agent is assigned a card with the clients information and contacts them to deliver and explain the Child Safe Kit program

csk landing page.png

How to see what a client sees when requesting a Child Safe Kit


  2. Go to the REQUEST A KIT (RED)

  3. Put 00000 in the zip code. This causes the system to not charge us and doesn’t create a lead. This part is critical to avoid issues.

  4. Fill out the info using ideally the agents current email and address so they get the lead info directly to them to see how quick this is.

  5. Find the lead and check junk email in case and all the info will be there for them to see what the client sees.

  6. Note that on the card it says “AIL Insurance rep will cover this and other insurance benefits” and also on the site it shows we are backed up with Covid and expect 90 days etc.

  7. Also we can refer to client saying…”Mary you requested this last Thursday at 2:58pm on your email, can you go check to see why I am calling”

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